Ground Cherry

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What can I do with one cup of ground cherries?

All the recipes that I can find are for pies or cobblers and use much more than just one cup. I can't imagine a cookie or cake--no. Sounds too desperate!

P.S. A "ground cherry" is a small, yellow berry that grows inside a paper-like lantern. The plants grow upward like a pepper plant does. I think they are related to tomatillos, only much smaller in size.

Best Answer...


In the UK we call them Physalis (not to be confused with Syphallis!), but they can also be called Cape Gooseberries although they aren't gooseberries at all.
They are actually in the Solanum (nightshade) family of fruits, albeit thankfully not toxic like many others in that family.

They're usually a bit greasy, and pretty sour, so you cant do a huge amount with them, other than make acidic foods, such as chutneys, or salas.

Its common to clean them, dip them into melted chocolate and eat them that way.