Liner Pump

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Sell above ground pool for scrap metal?

I bought a house with a crappy above ground pool in the backyard. It's not high quality, really flimsy, needs a new liner, pump, etc. This was a foreclosure, and nothing was maintained.

Is this something I can take to a scrap metal facility? I don't know what kind of metal it is. Is it worth the money?

My other option is to post it in the free section of craigs list and hope someone will come take it!
Ok, thanks! Those answers were all helpful :)

Best Answer...


if it aluminum you may get about 35 cents per pound ....before you flatten it all out and lug the whole thing down there just cut a small piece out and go to a scap yard to see what they will give you................when pulling in to scap yards drive real slow and watch for debri....a flat tire will probably cost about what you will get for the metal