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Frequently Asked Questions...

Will a spinner for figure skaters help me with scratch and sit spins?

I'd like to get a metal spinner to help me spin better on ice. I've been reading about it and there's mixed reviews, some people say it helps enormously, some people say it actually worsens on-ice spins. Can somebody tell me everything there is to know about it? My trouble is when I 'pull in' and cross my leg in a star position scratch spin, I immediately lose balance from the speed.

Best Answer...


It helps mostly with backspins (including back scratch and back sit) and jumps, not the forward scratch, camel or sit spin, this is due to the fashion in which you have to initiate the spinning. Most problems that people have with spinning the forward spins come from the approach into the spin, and that can only be fixed on ice. Skate spinners are often used under supervision from coaches to practice jump positions and such.

Now on to your spins.

When you pull in, you don't lose balance from the speed, you never had your balance in the first place if that happened. You likely don't have your balance because you either don't keep a full half circle on the approach (if you go into the spin too fast, and your tracing only shows a quarter circle for example, you will travel and waggle) or because you're not letting your arm and leg come round at the same time, or because you come up out of your knee too soon or too late. Those are practiced best on ice.

If anything, at this point a skate spinner will re-inforce bad habits.