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Nutramist Fogger

A Guide in Getting Rid of Fleas in House

We all know that our beloved pet did not intentionally want to bring an external blood-sucking parasite onto them nor where you both reside! Fleas are a huge menace to both you and your pet. Because of how quickly one flea can multiply into thousands, it is imperative that you act quickly in battling for control of your home! The truth is, this battle may take weeks before it is all over. Here are some helpful tips on conquering these pests.

1. Take hold on one part of the problem by caring for your pet. When fleas lay their eggs on your pet, they essentially will fall off and land in your carpet and any furniture that your pet lays on. The quicker you act on ridding any fleas from your pet, the easier it may be in evacuating them from your home.

2. Now either throw away or wash your pet’s bedding. Here is where you will find fleas and their eggs. If your pet tends to take refuge on the comforts of your own bed, you should also wash all of your bedding. Basically anything your pet likes to lie on is what you should be concentrating on.

3. Here is a simple and common task you already perform…vacuum. If you do not already vacuum every day, you need to start doing so! This is the best way of removing any fleas, eggs or larvae that may be in your carpet or in the cracks of your floors. Make certain that you seal your vacuum bag once you are finished as the eggs and/or larvae will continue to live and move through their life cycle and eventually back into your home.

4. Pick up all clothing, shoes, etc. off the floor, in the closet, under the bed, pretty much anywhere a pest could find shelter. Because your next step is to start using chemicals, you need to make sure you do not give the fleas a chance to run and hide.

5. What kind of insecticide do you need? A product that contains an adulticide (permethrin) and insect growth regulator (IGR) (methoprene or pyriproxyfen). The adulticide kill off the adult fleas. The insect growth regulator is used for suppressing any eggs and/or larvae long term. Spray treatment is great because it allows you to get in specific areas a fogger or bomb might not. They are especially effective in cracks, crevices, under furniture, in closets, etc. When dealing with any kind of chemical, please always read carefully the instructions and be mindful that some of these products have to be followed exactly as directed.

Do not think all your efforts are not working just because you are experiencing more fleas after only a few weeks into this battle or even a month. These are the new fleas that have hatched and developed and have not come in contact with the insecticide you have used. You need to continue with your routine daily vacuuming. The more you vacuum the faster you will get a better handle on your infestation.

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