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Frequently Asked Questions...

Out of these four, which one fits most/all the requirements?

1.MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation
2.SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfecting Cover Foundation
3. Bobbi Brown natural long lastin foundation spf 15
4. Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation

1. oil free/noncomegenic
2. easy to apply and blend with a brush or fingers, no sponge
3. has a pump or compact
4. full coverage
5. long lasting for at least eight hours
6.for oily skin

**you can suggest your own favorites that fits these requirements, but it'll be better if it is one of the foundations from the list above. thanks! :)
**#4 is by Bobbi Brown also

Best Answer...


I'd say the Makeup Forever one. It gives good coverage and stays on until you take it off, it is really creamy and blendable, and it doesnt make your face look oily. ive been using it for 1.5 years and i cant find anything i like better. hope this helps :)